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For information relating to these facilities, please contact: A/Prof Robert Scholten, r.scholten at Tel. (03) 8344 5457.

School/Faculty workshops

Mechanical workshops: High-tech design, prototyping, precision machining, computer-controlled milling and turning, wire-cutting, inert-gas welding.
Electronics workshops: Design and prototyping, analogue and digital.


Coherent 899-21 single-frequency ring laser, with Ti:sapphire and dye gain media
Coherent Sabre 10 watt argon ion pump laser
500 mW 780nm tapered amplifier semiconductor laser
NewFocus 10mW 780nm tunable diode laser
100 mW Frequency doubled Nd:YAG
100 mW Argon ion
25W CO2 laser
Diode lasers and controllers (many)
He-Ne lasers

X-ray equipment

Stable CE-certified high-frequency 18 kW, 60 kV rotating anode source
5 micron spot size, 160 kV, Feinfocus X-ray source
Other medium and soft X-ray sources
High Vacuum systems
State-of-the-art curved crystal Johann spectrometer
State-of-the-art 2D Backgammon X-ray detector
Double-flat crystal monochromators and analysers
A variety of detectors including X-ray CCD cameras, Si-PIN detectors
Scintillators, and X-ray photographic cameras

UHV Rb beam line

Imaging systems

12-bit and 16-bit visible and x-ray CCD cameras
Olympus microscopes

Electronic and optical equipment

Lock-in amplifiers
Spatial light modulators
Burleigh 7-digit wavemeter
Optical spectrum analysers
Optical power meters


DEC Alpha workstations
Personal computers
Black and white and colour postscript printers
4mm tape drive
650MB magneto-optical disk drive



Espresso machine



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